importing custom groups from a previous version


I just downloaded X4 which works nicely with word2010. But where are the groups I created in X2 ? How can I get them back ?

Hello fcabon,

When opening a previous version library, assuming that it’s from EndNote X1 or higher, the groups should be preserved.

If you’ve moved the library from a different machine, make sure that you’re moving both the .ENL file, and .DATA folder.

Otherwise, the Groups will be lost (as their information is stored in the .DATA folder).

Additionally, if you “Imported” the contents of your Library into a new, EndNote X4 folder, the existing groups will also be lost.  From EndNote 8 or higher, you should be able to simply Open the previous version library.

Opening the older version library, with both the original .ENL file and .DATA folder should preserve the groups.

I hope this helps.