Lost groups after update?

I noticed today that all of the groups in my library have dissappeard and all of my references are listed as unfiled.  The only thing I did recently with Endnote was upgrade from X3 to X3.0.1 on Friday. 

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This sounds like a deleted /lost EndNote library Data folder.  Was the library renamed (maybe to “protect” or back it up in anticipation of installing the X3.01 update)? Otherwise, there are no specific changes in the X3.01 patch that should cause this.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

I can confirm that updating to X3.01 did not trash my groups.

My data folder is still present.  Maybe something happened, because I have my libraries synced with another computer.  It’s strange though, because I have backup copies of my library files and data folders and they aren’t showing groups either.

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Ok, I think I sorted the problem out.  When I went back a couple of weeks, I noticed that one of the library backups wouldn’t open.  When I repaired this library, the groups were present.  It’s strange, because I recall finding this yesterday as well, but when I repaired the library I was on my office computer (Windows XP x32) and the groups still weren’t present after the repair. Now I’m at my home computer (Windows Vista x64).  Maybe this made a difference for some reason.  Anyway, thank goodness for backups. 

Note, Endnote will recreate a DATA folder after you open the .enl file, if there isn’t one there, it will just be pretty much empty!

This could be related to the new “Group set” feature in X3. You know, X3.0.1 now has “Lost and Found” function to show lost groups under certain circumstances, like updating library between X3 and previous versions.

Were your lost groups all in certain group set? I know you already figured out, but just to make sure, your two PCs have same EN version.

Thank you for telling me about “Lost and Found.”  My lost groups were in more than one group set, and my two PCs both have X3.0.1 installed.  Perhaps, this happened when I updated Endnote to X3.0.1 on one of my PCs and the other was still using X3.  In the end, I’m not really sure what caused the problem.  It could have been a bad library repair, having different versions of EN installed on different computers, syncing my library, or something else.  I wish I knew the cause to prevent future interruptions, but I’m just glad to have my groups back.