groups got lost when opening EndNote

Hi everybody,

I use EndNote X6 together with two colleagues and we always upload and download it to and from a filesharing service. Right now I have the problem that the groups that we have created seem to have got lost. Does anybody have an idea how to solve this?

(the solution is NOT: Groups  => show groups)

Thanks in advance,


Dear helika,

An EndNote library is comprised of two items, a libraryname.enl file and a folder. Most of the library’s information is contained in the data folder, including PDF files and group information.

If you moved the enl file to another location without its data folder then tried to open it in EndNote, you would get a message asking if you “really wanted to open the library without its data folder.” If you click yes, EndNote will create a new data folder, and your groups and file attachments will disappear.

If the above is what happened, simply close the library, delete the new data folder and replace it with the original.

I hope this is somewhat helpful.