My Groups have gone! Endnote X3


I’m hoping one of you lovely people can help me.

I’ve been using Endnote for Uni for about a year now and it is fantastic!

After a bit of a summer break, I’ve just opened it up to do some work, but all my groups have gone missing?

My references (500 odd) are all still there (thank goodness!!). But I had them ordered into about 15 different groups and subgroups and now there is nothing there - the my groups tab just has a (0) next to it.

There is a strange blue folder with ‘H’, but I can’t click on it. I have attached a screen shot.

I’ve had a search around the forums - but haven’t found anything to help yet. I  tried the ‘Recover Library’ but this didn’t help. I did back up my library, and when I loaded it the groups were fine. Unfortunately, I hadn’t backed it up lately (I know - silly) and there are about 300 less references, so it’s not  much use to me now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Did your library get “disconnected” from your .DATA folder (relocated/moved without moving the whole of the DATA folder and contents)?  If so, can you find the old one, because you can recover the library from there.  I am not sure quit how EndnoteX3 responds if it doesn’t find a .DATA file.  I thought it would open, but it might recreate an empty .DATA folder which is where all attachment folders and group information is stored. 

Hi Leanna,

Thanks so much for responding.

Im not quite sure what these .DATA files are? I’ve had a look with my computer’s search function and haven’t managed to find any. Will keep looking!

Any other ideas??

Thanks again

Should have said a .DATA folder with the same name as the library itself.  i.e. if you have a <libraryname>. enl there will  be a <libraryname>.DATA with subfolders.  An essential part of the library.


Thanks again.

Ok that makes sense. I’ve searched through my computer and can’t find any DATA files.

Is it possible these were deleted? and if so, how could I recover them?

I’ve checked through my recycle bin too…

Not unless you backed them up… sorry.  No magical cure. there is a magical cure if you lose the .enl file, but have library.DATA folder and contents, but not the reverse.  Important file names that would have been in the library.DATA folder’s rdb folder, would have names ending in .frm, .myd and .opt, but if they aren’t in a folder, and have ended up as stand alone files, I am not sure how you would reconstruct the structure of the folders to recover that info.  If you found them, Tech support might be able to help?  But I think you are going to need to reconstruct your groups, or read the missing references from your back up.  I suppose you could try to put your current .enl with a copy of the backed up library.DATA folder, but I wouldn’t bet the family farm.  obviously , you would want to use copies for expts like that.

In future use the File>compressed library command to back up and/or move any library- and move the .enlx and open it in its new home, and the folder structure will be magically restored.

Hi Leanne,

I really appreciate your responding to this.

Hmmm… seems to be a bit of a problem. Might have to email tech support too.

I’m just not sure how this actually happened in the first place - which makes me nervous about what might happen in the future!

I did save a back up (as I mentioned, a while ago) and did it via the File->compression as you suggested.

I don’t remember moving around files either? And haven’t emptied out my recycle bin since before I got endnote, so it’s really strange that I can’t even find these .DATA files. Do you think it would be worth backing up what I’ve got now and do an uninstall/reinstall of Endnote??

Many Thanks

  • Laura

I don’t think uninstall reinstall will make any difference. I have never had anything like this happen.  So I can’t really explain why it has happened in your case.  Contnue to back things up and perhaps try to “recover library”.  That is all I can think of.

Oh yeah, when you delete files, you lose the “folder” name, and are left with the files.  so those files in the folder would have obscure names like csort.frm and csort.MYD. 

Hi - I’m a big Endnote fan, and cannot imagine doing my PhD thesis without it. However, I’ve got exactly the same problem with my groups, which have all turned up tonight with a (0). I am very happy that I still have the nearly 1700 references that I’ve collected over the past four years.

The folder with the data has not been moved, although I do have it connected to an external hard-drive that goes to sleep after a period of inactivity - that slowed things down on Windows XP, but I’ve never had this same problem before, very strange.

It’s not a blocking issue for me, although a bit annoying, and I would like to prevent it from happening again - any other thoughts about the problem? [I’m using Endnote X3 on a Windows 7 platform]



If you go to EndNote’s menu and choose Groups, is there a Show Groups choice? If so select it and your groups should come back.