Groups panel reference number disappears on Endnote X7.5

I am using Endnote X7.5 on my surface 3. The number indicating the amounts of references in each group disappears. It works well on Endnote X7.4 but after upgrading to X7.5, the problem emerges. 

Actually I have reinstalled it several times and even reset my surface but nothing changes. It seems this problem only appears on Surface 3 as my laptop and desktop all work well. 

Surface 3 OS: windows 10.10586(up to date)

Endnote X7.5 (Bld 9325)

Attachment is the screenshot. 

the exact same thing has happened to me sometime in the last month - i became aware of it last week and have tried sourcing advice locally but to no avail.

Please help TR!

This can be fixed by adjusting the Font Size setting. Please see this post: