Hanging Indent Issue in Bibliography (Mac CWYW with Endnote Online)

Hi All - 

This forum has helped me solve so many Endnote issues over the past year or so, but my search skills aren’t helping me on this one. 

Please see the screenshot of my bibliography in word - notice that the line beginning “Students” is strangely not following the hanging indent rule. There’s a break in the middle of the title?

I also included the screenshot of the reference in endnote online so you can see there isn’t a stray hard return or anything… help?

Word Bibliography error.jpg

Just to be sure, I would delete the space or spaces before the word “Students” and maybe even a letter at the end of the previous word and the S of students and replace them.  Sometimes if you copy from a web page an unusual character can be hidden.  You could also copy the title into a word document, with all character formatting on – and see if there is something funny.  Select it and remove any formating in word then paste it back?  

Thank you - It didn’t want to update at first, but I ended up removing all in-text instances and then replacing them. Now we’re good.