Harvard style messing up years in bibliography

Suddenly, I find that several of the citations in my bibliography spell out “year” instead of the actual year. The year is present in the citation in the document text and it also re-appears in the bibliography when I choose a style other than “Harvard”. Upgrading to the latest word plugin does not solve the problem. This comes in the addition to the sudden disappearance of bibliographical styles, going “dead” with a crossmark in the web interface, but with no mention of this in the word plugin and forcing one to change the citation style of documents, often at an inopportune moment.

Hello Robert,

I was unable to reproduce what you described using the default EndNote Web Harvard style. Since you mention the missing styles, it is possible that the EndNote Web administrator at your institution has uploaded a custom Harvard style that has year hard-coded in the template. Please let me know what institution you are with and I will investigate. Send me a private note rather than reply to this post if you prefer.

Also, I agree with your comment that we could provide better feedback when styles are removed in Cite While You Write so we will investigate that too. In the meantime, I’m happy to put you in touch with the administrator so you can request that those styles be added back to the available set.

Best regards,

 - Mathilda, the EndNote Web team
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