Formatted Citations missing Years

With the new Version (Word 2016 and 7.5) I am missing many of the years from the in text citations.  For example, instead of (Wolf, 2012) I am getting (Wolf).  All of these entries have a year in the date column.  It doesn’t happen for all, but about half.

Short of going in and manually inputting them, does anyone have a clue how to fix this?  It happens with any citation style that uses years in the in text citation, which the journal we are submitting this paper uses.

If you convert to temporary citations, what do those incorrectly handled, look like?  

{Author, YEAR #recno} or {Author, #recno}

If the latter, there is a preference setting (at least in the windows) shown in the attached jpeg, that you can turn off the handling of modified temporary citations (untick the middle option), so that they all appear.  – If that isn’t the problem, we will have to dig deeper.  – and I have no idea how they would have lost the year?  --unless you played with your temporary citations settings in preferences, or they are incorrectly set.  

Finally you can repair them, by creating an output style with the citation template of [Author, Year #Record Number] and then remove all field codes, search and replace the square brackets with curly brackets and reformat.