Has this been fixed in X1: freezes/crashes associated with Track Changes / Instant Formatting

We just upgraded to X1 on Windows XP.

In the previous release of EndNote, we noticed problems (Word freezes & crashes) when we used Instant Formatting while we were working in a Word file that had Track Changes turned on.

We learned that if one feature was enabled, we had to disable the other feature. Otherwise, Word got caught in a loop while it tried to format the citation instanty and mark each of those format edits as a tracked change.

Has this has been fixed or patched in EndNote X1? Is there another workaround?

EndNote has been compatible with Track Changes since EndNote 9:


Maybe the problems that we were having were related to some other bug? (Although the problems stopped once we disabled one setting while using the other.) We were working with Word 2007 and Word XP on Windows with EndNote X.

Also, I’m not sure that that problem describes the experiences that we were having. As soon as the users installed EndNote X and used it in her Word 2007 file, Word would freeze and ultimately crash. One user noticed that the problem went away after she uninstalled EndNote X (because the problem, for her started as soon as she installed EndNote). Once she reinstalled it, she noticed the problem again so we researched it online and found users who advised us not to use Instant Formatting with Track Changes. Once we adopted that practice, the problem went away.