EndNoteX3 performance problem word 2007

I use Endnote X3 and word 2007.

When I insert a new citation the performance of my computer degrades dramatically and applying the defined format in Word last about 1 minute. Finally Word crashes. This problem did not appear using X1. Disabling instant formatting helps but is there a more convenient solution?

Thanks in advance!


The first thing I would look at, as how many styles, connection file and filter files are in the directories. Also make certain that your folder preferences for these files ARE NOT set to look in the Program folder location for these files.  X2 and X3 changed this to allow edited and new styles etc to be added to a user defined location, while the installed versions remain in a read only location in the program folder location. 

For more information see  this thread  and this older thread.  Be absolutely sure that you are not trying to point your folders to the Program Folder versions. 

Keep the styles down to <100 and it may be much faster.