OvidSP forcing me to use import filter

According to EndNote’s instructions, OvidSP should use direct export. However each time I try to import files from Nursing@Ovid or other Ovid databases (following the steps listed), I get a screen asking me to select an import filter. I coldn’t see any Ovid import filters.

Direct export from Ovid is different. It uses a filter specific to the database.

Use Firefox to do the direct export. When you come to “Open” the file, “Save” it instead. It will probably be called “ovidweb.cgi.”

This is a plain text file. Open it in your word processor.

Look at the the second tag (DB) in one of the records. This is the name of the database. EndNote is looking for a filter which has this setting in the “Reference Type” section of the filter.

You could try downloading all the Ovid filters from the EndNote website. One of them might match.

If not, I would try editing one of those filters (maybe Journals@Ovid) and inserting the name of your database in the “Reference Type” section.

I did find this articlewhen I was searching for a solution.  It revers to Endnote9, but the attached enf file may work? 

Dear Mike

Are you using EndNote X3? If so you may have encountered the same issue as one of my library users, X3 is supplied with only the most popular 100 import filters, this does not include all those for OvidSP’s databases eg OvidSP Medline. Additional filters can be downloaded from the EndNote support site and once installed Direct Export will work again.