Medline OVID(SP)


I’m importing from OVID Medline into EndNote X7 and the PMCID field is empty. The PMID # is in accession, but I also need the PMCID and I can’t figure out how to make it show up. Any suggestions? 

Are you exporting the OVID Medline records directly into Endnote or saving the records as a text file then importing them into Endnote? If you are directly exporting the records into Endnote you won’t be able to redirect the PMCID info into the Endnote field as the format set up is controlled by OVID Medline. However, if you are working with text files it’s possible to modify the Endnote import filter to direct the PMCID info in the Endnote PMCID field.

Which Endnote import filter are you using and can you attach a sample of OVID Medline records in a .txt format?