HELP?! Big problems after installing and uninstalling RefMan 12 demo on Vista x64

Hi, all:


I downloaded a trial version of RefMan 12 today; I had hoped to use it because one of my clients does, but Thomson tech support told me that some–but not all–users who install it on Windows Vista have problems. (I have Vista 64-bit and MS Office 2003.) 

Once I installed RefMan, every Microsoft application on my computer slowed to an absolute crawl, so I immediately uninstalled it using the Windows uninstall utility. RefMan no longer shows up anywhere in my program files. However, everything is still running extremely slowly.  In fact, it took 15 minutes to type this message because the words take about 3 minutes to appear on the screen after I type them.  

If anyone has ideas, I would be extremely grateful to hear them—I won’t be able to call their tech support tomorrow because I have meetings all day. I can’t get my work done like this; it’s a big problem!


Ugh! Thanks in advance for any words of advice.


It sounds like the Cite While You Write add-in may still be loading when Word starts.  We’ll need to start troubleshooting by checking to see which add-ins are loading when Word starts.  To verify this, in Word, click “Tools>Templates and Add-ins”.  Please let me know what is listed on this window below where it says “Checked items are currently loaded”.  

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