Problems uninstalling and re-intstalling Refman

HI everyone,

I am having problems accessing CWYW in Word 2007. After searching around I decided to uninstall and re-install Refman 11 which I seem to have done. However I can’t uninstall Refman 9 ( my previous version) - it gives an message saying it cannot open INSTALL.LOG file. My attempts at simply re-installing Refman 11 have been unsuccessful.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks

I didn’t think you could have RefMan 9 and 11 on the same machine - I guess you can still see it in Add/Remove programs? What error message does it give when you try to re-install?

Have you tried restarting between uninstalling RefMan 11 and 9?

Sometimes the uninstaller and installer looks in the wrong folder - check to see if there is any prompt to uninstall/install from certain folder and that it’s the current RefMan folder.

I have also uninstalled by deleting files manually, but you may have to edit your registry. This is risky because if you delete the wrong file, you may have to re-install Windows too.

I hope this helps.

Dear CarolTaylor2,

in order to answer , I need the following infos:

  • Have you admin rights at your institution. You know you can install or uninstall EN X5 or RM 9 til 12 ONLY on your computer ONLY with ADMIN RIGHTS. If you are " normal user", please contact your admin.

  • What a kind of O.S. (Operating System/ e.g. Win XP, Vista or 7) and details about your hardware (Pentium ,  RAM a.s.o.

  • How are you installing RM? With a CD as single user or campus license e.g.  online installation.

Thank you in advance for your answer.