Citations Deleted when I update Bibliography

I am using EndNote X2 and Word 2007.  My coworker sent me a document with a bibliography that needed to be updated.  Using the same library used to create this document I made the needed changes (I updated the output style so that the journal names would be abbreviated) and then updated the bibliography in word.  The bibliography was updated witht the changes I had made but only 34 of the 62 references were entered, why did 18 references get deleted rather than updated?

I suggest that you try unformatting and reformating the bibliography with the corrected library.  It maybe some “feature” related to the travelling library has come into play here. 

What Leanne says is possible, but I think there’s a likelier culprit:  Are you using the Track Changes feature when you made your edits?  EndNote and Track Changes do not play well together.  It may also be a field code issue, and so you may find the procedure outlined in helpful.

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