I’m panicking because when I opened my Endnote Library today, none of my current GRoups were listed, and hundreds of citations were missing.  Ive check older version on Time Machine–like versions back in July I was using, but none of them show all the groups I was working on.  Im baffled and distraught because I cant find any of these new references, and it appears i have lost days and days of work.  How can I find these missing references???  I’ve tried ‘Recover Library’  but it doesnt work…it just keep saying I have 900 entires, when i should have over 1100…HELP!

Did you move it?  

You need to protect the .DATA folder and all its contents – that is where groups and files and essentially everything lives.  You can lose the .enl file and recover everything, but if the .DATA folder gets lost or corrupted, or overwritten when you mess witht the .enl folder location, bad things happen.  Often backup programs don’t know of this critical relationship either.

If you can find a version of the .DATA folder, you can recover things by creating an empty file with a text editor with the same name as the library (the filename.DAT)  – so filename.enl.  in the same folder as the .DATA folder is living.  (not IN the DATA folder).  

fingers crossed.   

Thanks - I know this might be an indication of my lack of tech savvy - but how would i find the .data file?

I had this happen about six months ago - not pretty!.  Check in the upper left corner above your groups and click on “All References” and see if you see all of your references. That may solve your problem. If not, I DO know that Thomson Reuters can do a restore…I had a very helpful person - very high up help me with this.


In the same folder that you store your library.  It is a folder that has the same name as your library followed by .DATA instead of .enl.