Help me to begin

Hollow every body, I am a new user of refman, I prepared my article using Latex and bibtex for my bibliography. I must use refman to verify my bibliography format, but i d’ont know how to begin. I want to use the bibliography style of “data & management” journal, i downloaded the style, it is a file having the extension .OS, but i d’ont know how to use it. Please help me to begin

Bazza, have you viewed the video tutorials to show you how to use the software? It’s a little challenging to tell you all about how to use the program via forum posts. :slight_smile:

I recommend reviewing the video tutorials, and then letting us know specifically where you have questions.

You can also sign up for live internet based training classes – called webinars – with our training department there. All the training is free.

I hope this helps.