help: referencing a book (novel) translated by different authors


Is there a way to cite a novel translated by different authors. I want to emphasize the translator and the name of the chapter, rather than the work itself.

For this resson, I do not want to use this format:
Author. Title. Title of book, Other contributors (translators or editors), Publisher, Publication date, Location, Date of Access (if applicable).

Is there another way of referencing the transalted work?

Thank you.

  • Albert

I would think you would want to use Book Section if it is a chapter in a translated work, but you say “novel” elsewhere in the thread? But if a translated novel with different order than a traditional book (assuming the publishing house is okay with your preference) you may want to create a new reference type and have a specific template to go with that reference type in the output style. 

Or you may just need to tweak the output style book section template to include all the parts that you want to appear, if it is truely a chapter in the book.    What output style do you use now?  What do you want to appear?  You only told us what you don’t want.   

Finally, if it is once and applying to only one citation, you may find it easier to just wait until you are ready to submit and then to manually adjust the bibliography, after removing endnote field codes.