referencing a book (novel) translated by different authors


Is there a way to cite a novel translated by different authors. I want to emphasize the translator and the name of the chapter, rather than the work itself.

For this resson, I do not want to use this format:

Author. Title. Title of book, Other contributors (translators or editors),  Publisher, Publication date, Location, Date of Access (if applicable).

Is there another way of referencing the transalted work?

Thank you.

  • Albert

triple post

Thank you for your response.

I should have made myself clearer in my first post.

I have a novel which was translated by two translators; each translated a few chapters. In my reference, I want to focus on one translator and one of the chapters she translated. The Purdue Onlne Wrting Lab does not have examples for such an entry, but looking at the entires for Translated Book and Chapter of a Book, I think that the format would be something like this:

Translator. Chapter name. Title of book, by Author, Publisher, Year date, Page numbers.

I was just wondering if Endnote provides such an option. If not, I guess I have to create a new reference type.

I would also like to apologize for my triple post. My browser crasehd the first two times I tired to post, and I thought that the previous posts had been unsuccessful. Careless me.



A possible workaround for one off records.  Use the book section ref type.  

Put the translator name in the author field.  The Chapter name could be preceeded by the text (Translator), “chapter name”.  then include the by Authorname after the book title itself the other fields would go in the appropriate fields. 

The other option is to create a reference type specific to your needs in your desktop version of endnote, and then to create the output style to match your needs.  There are detailed manuals to modify ref types and styles, but they differ by X7 or X8 and by Mac or Windows.  

Yes, I like this workaround of using book section ref type.

Thank you.