How to catalogue books translated in English

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I have a question regarding how to catalogue an item in Endnote, when the book has been translated into English.

It is an Islamic book and has an original author, plus an indication that the book was “Translated into English by __________” author. I was reading the manual but am still not sure if I put the translated author in the first Author Category under the main author, or another, translated author. Can someone make any suggestions, please?

Below is the bibliographic information.

Al-Muscati, J. (1958). Hasan bin Sabbah. Karachi, Ismailia Association Pakistan.

Translated in English by Dr. Abbas H. Hamdani

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Since the Book reference type has a “Translator” field, you could place Dr. Abbas H. Hamdani there.  Then modify the output style’s book template to generate both the phrase “Translated in English by” with the translator’s name (Dr. Abbas H. Hamdani). (If you anticipate working with other books that are translated into a language other than English, then that information could be parsed into another reference field.)

What output style are you using?