Help with adding citations/bibliography to my Word document

Dear all, I am very new to EndNote and need urgent help please…

When I insert a citation from EndNote, it appears as “Author,Year” in the body of the text and then in the bibliography, the abstract appears below the reference!

How can I change it to insert the citation as a number in the body of the text and then remove the abstract below the reference?

Thank you,


change the output style to a numbered style.  you appear to be using the “annotation” output style.  This is selected on the endnote ribbon in word.  You may need to “view all styles” or “select another style” to see the full list.  

Dear Leane,

thank you so much for your reply. I will do that with the next manuscript as I have now started already with the current one ans I do not want to get my bibliography all mixed up.

However, I will need to do that from the EndNote menu as I can not see a ribbon on my Word - is it important to have the ribbon? Can I do without it? And do you know if changing to “numbered style” will help with taking the abstract away? 

Sorry I know these must sound very basics to you but I have not had the chance to get familiar with EndNote yet.


changing the output style will not mess up your references.  That is what Endnote is designed to.  

Mac or word to get the toolbar/ribbon activated?  (mac) and (windows) 

This is critical to your utilization of Endnote and Word.  I also recommend that you visit for resources and consider attending one or more of the webinars they have scheduled at the end of that page.