Endnote references

I am using endnote to put references in word document.Initially i insert references in my word document through endnote and it appeared as numbers in my word document.But somewhow it has changed now and instead of numbers it shows the whole reference instead of numbers.I have tried to chnage it but couldnt.

Can anyone help me please.where i should make changes in endnote settings?

Are you now seeing (Smith et al, 2010) or are you seeing {Smith, 2010 #201}?

In either case you should start by selection the Format Bibliography toolbar icon (or tools, EndNote>Format Bibliography and make sure the correct style (Numbered or the journal you had been using) is selected in the drop-down list.  Then, if you were seeing the curly bracketed version with the record number, then go to the third tab, and "enable’ CWYW. 

thanks for the reply.

Yes, i am seeing like {Smith, 2010#201}.

I want to insert the references shown as numbers and as you said i have changed to numbered style and CWYW is also enabled, but still i see the same document with no changes in it.

i am using Endnote 9.0.

Weird. So you format bibliography, the selected style is numbered, but nothing happens? 

Yes. Thats what i couldnt understand.

I reinstalled Endnote but again it does not change the document style.I dont know what else should i do.

Either change the file name to an ending like .ens to trick the forum into accepting it as an attachment, or look in private messages.