Help with changing in-text citation for JUST ONE reference.


I’m using a customized APA 6Th style that creates in-text citations that look like this:

(LastName, Year)

This is fine and suites my needs in almost every case, but I have ran into an issue with this. I am trying to cite a government publication that has no author and I am trying to use the agency name as the author. I want my citations to look like this:

(Florida Forest Service, 2018)

but when I insert them into my word document, they look like:

(Service, 2018)

Is there a way to change the in-text citation for only this single citation without altering the format of all my citations? In other words, how do I change (Service, 2018) to (Florida Forest Servie, 2018) without changing (Smith, 2020) to (John A. Smith, 2020)? 

Thanks in advance!!


EndNote interprets “Service” as last name and “Florida” and “Forest” as first and middle name.
Try to put a comma after the name in the reference and things will be correct in the citation:

Florida Forest Service,

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