Help with old Endnote Lib

I have an old Endnote lib (last modified 2007) on my computer and cannot open it any more.

Is there anymone who might be able to help me if I send it to him?

The specific problem I have is that back then I made the mistake of relying on the record numer as reference and cannot reproduce the original order of citations.

I now attached the file, so maybe anyone might try to open it and see if the record numbers can be restored.

Thanks a lot in advance! (273 KB)

Which version of Endnote were you trying to open it in? What version of endnote do you hope to work in?  

I tried X8 which is still on my old computer, and it said in needed to convert it, so I let it.  I didn’t try to open it with X9.3, but could tomorrow at work. 

You didn’t have a DATA folder in the zip folder, so I assume it is really old as it had all the record information and Endnote didn’t squawk about missing the .DATA folder, and the converted version has no PDF associated files.  It does have record numbers.  (I included a screenshot of the first page). 

If I send this to you it will be pre-EndnoteX9.3 (and preEndnote20) and will need to be converted again by those versions. Remember that the .DATA folder is an integral part of the new Endnote database. If it had a .DATA folder, you will get a more complete library recovery.