Help with style for Journal of Sociology

I am trying to help a faculty member looking to publish in Journal of Sociology (Sage).

None of the styles in the databases for ‘sociology’ or ‘sage’ seem to fit. I was wondering if anyone could help me find an appropriate style or suggestions for modifying an existing style that is close.

From the submisison guidelines

References in the text:

All references to books, articles and other sources are to be identified at an appropriate point in the text by name of author, year of publication, and pagination (within parentheses). Footnotes are to be limited to substantive observations only. There is no need for ‘ibid’, ‘loc cit’ or ‘op cit’. For example:

  1. If the author’s name is in the text, follow it by the year of publication and a page reference: As Brown (1999: 267) has shown in her case study . . . . If the author’s name is not in text, insert at an appropriate point surname, year of publication and page reference, for example: Australian research on changes to the middle class suggests …. (Solomon 1998: 135). Note that pagination, author and year are separated by a colon.

  2. Where two authors are involved, cite both surnames. Where more than two authors are involved, cite the first surname followed by et al. For institutional authorship, supply only sufficient information for positive identification: The aim of this working paper is to explore the future of sociology in Australia (Department of Sociology, Flinders University, 1997).

  3. Separate multiple citations by semicolons: The professions are the subject of considerable sociological attention (e.g., Chagnon 1994; Lorber 1992; Vassiliou 1999).

  4. Where there is more than one reference in an article to the same author and year, use letters (a, b, etc.) to distinguish them one from the other. For example: (Roberts 1999a; 1999b).

Format of references:

List all items cited in the text alphabetically by author and for each author, by year of publication in an appendix titled References. List all authors by name - do not use et al. or ampersands (&). For example:

Burke, M. (2002) ‘Global Boom and Bust Following the World Trade Centre Collapse’, Journal of Sociology 38: 135-51.

Shaw, M. J. (2000) Life as a Graduate Student in Australian Universities. London: Sage.

Thompson, M. and J. Smith (1999) ‘Gender and Wealth: Beyond the Patterns and the Paradox’, pp. 156-87 in J. Montague (ed.) Wealth in Australia: Sociological Concepts and Issues, 2nd edn. Sydney: Prentice Hall.