Hidden in text citations

In the older versions of EndNote, typing {#4} would insert the record number 4 into the Word document as a complete citation. Using EndNote X5, Word 2007 or 2010, and Windows 7, typing {#4} adds the citation as a hidden in-text citation. Also if I copy and paste a section of text with EndNote citations in them from an old document that was created with an older version of EndNote, the in-text citation does not appear for some of the citations.

I know the cause of the problem, what I don’t know is how to fix it permanently.  If I go to “Edit & Manage Citations” the “Formatting” for the citation is set to “Show Only in Bibliography” and if I change it to “Default” the in-text citation appears. However, the “hidden” setting reappears if I unformat the citations and reformat.

Since many of my researchers reuse parts of old Word documents, many of which contained only the {#4} as the temporary citation, this means that many of the in-text citations are not appearing. It becomes quite a task to re-insert 100+ citations, or change the “Formatting” for each on in “Edit & Manage Citations”.

I am hoping there is a global setting I can use so that {#4} is not automatically set to “hidden”/“Show only in bibliography”.

there is a global setting in preferences (I think) don’t have time to test it right now.  – Edit>preferences>Formatting and untick the middle box? 

Does it work?

IT works! You are brilliant! Thanks for the quick assist.

I am using Endnote x7. i am facing problem in in text citations as (Child, 2012 #66).  Actually, I do not need this record no i need in text citations like that (Child, 2012). Can someone help me please.