Adding an "and" to the citation

Is there a way to add an “and” between the last to numbers of the citation ie 1, 2. and 3?

You can but it depends upon what version of EndNote you’re using. The current version of EndNote (X5) offers an option for hiding in-text citations (numbered or Author-Date) while retaining the corresponding bibliographic listing. Once the citation is  hidden in-text all you need to do is manually type the desired text “1, 2, and 3”.

Thanks for the fast reply. Although I am not quite sure if  I get it.

I already added my citation and chose the appropriate format for the journal (Amer J Cardiology) . Unfortunately the numbers in the text are shown as 7-10 and the journal seems to require the in the following format “7-9 and 10”. Do you mean I have to hide (delete?) them in some way and manually add the citation in the appropriate form. This would mean I have to go through the whole manuscript and if I add new citation I would have to change them manually again.

Isn’t there a automatic way?

Unfortunately numbered citation styles (like Amer J Cardiology) are not as easily manipulated in EndNote as the Author-Date styles and yes, you’ll need to manually adjust each one. (Maybe submit a suggestion  regarding automating this type of formatting on the EndNote Product Suggestion section of this forum as a future software enhancement.) So to change citations “7-10” to “7-9 and 10” will require EndNote’s “Edit Citation” feature* to manually edit the citation to “hide” (not delete) the numbered citation. Hiding the citation then causes the “7-10” to “disappear” while retaining the corresponding bibliographic entry. Now that the citation is hidden it’s just a matter of manually typing in “7-9 and 10”.

But the big caveat is that this only works for EndNote X5. If you’re running a lower version of EndNote (X4 or earlier) hiding numbered citations isn’t an available option. 


*Note: To edit an in-text citation, place your cursor on the citation, right-click to display a submenu then select option for displaying just the bibliographic entry.

I checked a few of the articles in the “free issue” and can’t see any that used this kind of numbering scheme?  see as an example?