hiding information (like author's name, title, etc.) in footnotes (Chicago Style)

In “intext citations,” you can suppress the author’s name or title.  But in “footnote citation format” you cannot.  This is extremely frustrating!!!

I would like to hide/suppress information in individual footnotes such as  the author’s name or book title in a footnote.  (I use a modified Chicago format). 

When I try to modify it directly in CWYW, it simply reverts back to the original form.  When I click on “Exclude author” in the “Edit Citation” box (see attached), it does nothing.  I am assuming this is because “Citation” actually means “Intext Citation” (which is ambiguous in the layout!)

It would be nice to have something similar for Footnotes, where you could at least exclude author, title, year.  (It would be nice to be able to exclude/include other things as well, including inserting comments.

Don’t shoot the messenger and I am just another user…

Citation in the body of the manuscript are the in-text citations and you can use Citations in the footnotes, as an optional setting for an output style (rather than footnote templates).  If you do go that route, than you insert the footnote and what ever text you want it to contain, and then insert the citation in side it. This is an either or situation, you can’t mix a templated footnote and a citation in a footnote.  You can’t hide specfiic fields from a bibliography either, and the templates in footnotes are more like the bibliography than a citation.  The footnote Number is more equivalent to the citation itself.  Obviously, if the footnotes don’t contain the full reference details, you also need a bibliography, which one of the Chicago styles does anyway.  

I have a user who wants to do just that and it’s the first time I’ve noticed that this is not operational in the footnote area.  I’d second that for a request for future versions.