Can't suppress author or date

In my footnotes, I am trying to write:

“Joe Bloggs in his [insert endnote citation] argues that…”

However, once I’ve inserted the endnote citation, I have been going to ‘edit citation’ on the toolbar. Even if I put a tick in the ‘exclude author’ box, the author’s name will still appear, so that I end up with:

“Joe Bloggs in his [Joe Bloggs, endnote citation] argues that…”

Any idea where I’m going wrong?

Thanks in advance


First, could you tell me what output style you are using (harvard, numbered, etc)? Checking the ‘exclude author’ box should keep the author field from being displayed in the in-text citation, but NOT in the bibliography (references list) at the bottom of the page. Are you sure that the authors name “Joe Bloggs” is put into the Author field in the reference in EndNote and not in any other field as well? (go to EndNote and open the reference by Joe Blogg). Please give answers to the questions above so that we can determine what is likely to cause your problem.

Is it being formated or is this the unformated reference?  Does it still have the record number?

Hello, thanks for replying.

I am using Eighteenth-century style, with a few tiny insignificant modifications (e.g. to the way page ranges above 100 are displayed - not of relevance). This seems the most appropriate style for my subject: I am due to submit a doctoral thesis in English literature in 4 weeks, so this request is quite pressing!

The name Joe Bloggs (simply an example; the same thing happens with every reference) is certainly only in the author field, and doesn’t appear anywhere else. However, you say that checking the ‘exclude author’ box in ‘edit citation’ won’t be successful in footnotes at the bottom of each page. This is precisely where I want it to work!

There are two scenarios where it would be useful:

  1. When the footnote contains some prose, as in my first example, and I want to suppress an author just mentioned. e.g. 'Joe Bloggs argues that (Title of Blogg’s work, date etc).

  2. My PhD thesis is concerned primarily with a single writer, and I make frequent references to his works. After the first occasion then an abbreviated title is used (and there is an abbreviations page at the front of the thesis repeating this information), but I don’t really want his name to appear every single time as these works are referred to so often.

Is there any way that these can be accommodated within footnotes?

Any suggestions gratefully received, with thanks!

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I don’t use the Eighteenth-century but downloaded and installed the style on my system (Endnote X3, Windows Vista) to see what’s up.  I was able to create and edit a footnote (i.e., suppressing author, year, adding prefix/suffix material).

Would suggest you try to ferret out where the problem might lie:

Have you tried making a “test” footnote on a new blank document?  If you’re able to do so, this might mean there’s something amiss with your thesis document. 

If the “test” footnote doesn’t allow you to edit, then it might suggest something’s happening with your 1) Eighteenth Century style, and/or 2) EndNote program.  To address the former you can download a “fresh” file from the EndNote site (link below), in the case of the latter, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall the program.  (If you also happen to have an earlier version of EndNote still installed, would suggest you remove everything first then resintall your current program.)

Hi - thanks for your message.

I definitely have the same problem in other documents, and also the same problem with different style, which would suggest it is hte Endnote program.

Strangely I can add prefix/suffix material, such as page numbers,without any difficulty there.

A very basic question, but am I doing the right thing?

  1. Insert footnote.

  2. Insert Endnote reference

  3. Select ‘edit citation’ from the Endnote toolbar

  4. Check ‘exclude author’

  5. Click on ‘ok’ and exit.

?? Author should have disappeared from that citation?

I’m a little scared to go deleting and reinstalling EndNote at this stage in case something goes horribly wrong and everything is lost…

I have never used the Eighteenth-century style before, so i also downloaded the style to test with. First thing I noticed is that this style has no settings for displaying in-text citations, so at first i thought it wasn’t working properly but it appears that’s a setting of this particular style. Next I looked at your query and it appears to be able to edit this style so that it suppresses author names in Footnotes or the Bibliography. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Open the EndNote program.

  • Go to edit > output styles > open style manager…

  • From the list select Eighteenth-century style and double-click to open it.

  • From the menu on the left jump to Footnotes and click on Templates (under Footnotes)

  • See what reference type you use (if you don’t know, minimize the edit window, jump to the reference and open it, at the top the reference type is displayed).

  • From this reference type delete the ‘Author’, for instance:

Author, “Title,” Journal Volume|, no. Issue| (Year)|: Cited Pages|.

_ Change this to: _

“Title,” Journal Volume|, no. Issue| (Year)|: Cited Pages|.

  • Now save the output style (File > Save) and go to your Word document. You can save it under a different name “… copy”

but then make sure to select that “… copy” as the style in your Word document.

  • From the EndNote Tab in the Bibliography section, click “Update Citations and Bibliography”.

This should now  display the changes you’ve made.

I think this makes you second question obsolete since no author names are displayed anymore? Correct me if i’m wrong and you want help on that point as well.

Hope this helps, let us know!

Raul - that looks really promising - thank you.

Presumably, though, these changes will then apply to every reference in my thesis? There is no potential for doing this for either a single occasion or a single author? Is there a way of doing this so that the author is only excluded from second and subsequent references to an author, but occurs in full the first time? I have a feeling this is something to do with the placement of hte ‘link text’ icon…

Not a big deal - probably easier to write them in where necessary rather than fail to exclude them, but just wanted to check before I made the changes.

And presumably full information would still appear in the bibliography as I wouldn’t have made the changes to the bibliographic templates?

It seems odd that I can’t exclude authors along the normal ‘edit citation’ lines, but maybe I have somehow corrupted EndNote slightly, and if this is the case, at this stage I think I’d be happiest following Raul’s path rather than deleting and uninstalling.

These changes will apply to all the references in your thesis that use the same reference type as the one “Joe Blogg” uses. But you can ofcourse create a workaround to that by making a different reference type for “Joe” so that the changes only apply to those references. Let me know if you need help with that. I think i found the way to exclude authors for subsequent references of the same author. Try to follow these steps and see if it does the trick:

  • Again go to edit > output styles > open style manager…

  • From the Footnotes section, select Author Lists.

  • At the bottom of the window pane at the right you see “For Subsequent Works by the same author” here you select the radiobutton that says “Omit the author lists”

The full Author information will still be displayed in the Bibliography because we made no changes to that part of the Output Style.

Hope this helps, because this indeed looks to be a ‘safer’ way to do it then reinstalling EndNote. But if there does appear to be a corruption you may have no other choice, although the corruption might just as well be within MS Word.

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What you propose sounds like a brilliant way round it, and significantly easier than creating a new style for ‘Joe Bloggs’ (who is a made-up example of about 100 authors that this actually refers to!).

However, even by following your careful instructions, things aren’t quite working. I haven’t yet tried your instructions for removing the author altogether (as in your earlier post), as I would then have to add it back in to about 300 references; if this is the only way round it then I will do so, but I’d rather not if necessary. Do you think this is why your instructions to enable me to ‘omit the author list’ aren’t working? I can see very clealry that they should work, but maybe this is the same part of the same corrupted file?

Hi Oxcat,

There is one more thing you could try with the author list. Instead of selecting “Omit the author list”, select the option

replace repeated authors with: and then leave that field blank (or delete the -------). This should also delete the subsequent author names. This works when I edit the Bibliography-part of the output style and should work the same for Footnotes, I just can’t get those to work though…

You don’t have to be affraid of making changes to the template of the output style, because if you delete the author from the template you can just as easily reinsert it at a later stage, so you don’t lose any information in the process, no retyping needed. And as i said you can save the file as a copy so that you still have the original somewhere (thats even safer). 

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Hi Raul,

Deleting everything within the ‘replace with ----’ didn’t work, so it looks as though I have some corruption in this whole area. However, deleting the author name from the fields has. It should take me too long to write them in again by hand, just before the EndNote citation, in all cases where this is necessary.

Many thanks for helping me find a way round this problem, even if it’s not 100% ideal. I’m very grateful - thanks.

As you may have figured out, but others reading this thread may not, the inserted reference in the footnote “Using footnote format” is not a citation, hence the “hide author in citation” doesn’t apply.  You are actually inserting the full reference as defined in the footnote template.  This is why the fix involves editing the footnote templates (and there is no citation template for this style).  More used to science publications, it appears to me to have a lot of redundancy, with most of citation information in the footnote and repeated again with all the authors in the bibliography. 

Alternatively you can select the footnotes to be formatted “same as citations”  format (and then edit the citation template). The advantage of “Using footnote format” , rather than “same as citations”, is that you can modify various “citations” dependent on the reference type (book, journal article etc.).  But if you do Format citations “same as citations”, then the omit author option would work. 

See image attached to see where this option is set in the “Footnotes” section of the style

Is there any way to find out whether the ability to suppress author or date info has been added in EndnoteX4?  I have been waiting for the ability to do this for over a decade now.  It’s a real handicap for those of us in fields with footnotes!

Hello “mfbs”

Actually, the ability to use the “Edit Citation” function in the footnotes has become Fully Functional in EndNote X4.

This includes…

Exclude Author

Exclude Year



…  and Pages (which worked before, but was the only working item).



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Reviving an old thread here…

I just updated to Endnote X4, for this reason, among others. 

To my disappoint, I still cannot exclude the author from a footnote citation, and I have no clue what SteveH was referring to…

Am I overlooking something? Please enlighten me.


What version of word are you using?  In Word 2003, you select the formatted citation in the footnote, right click and choose Edit citation and the options to exclude the author or the year are right there.  Image attached.


Thanks Leanne. 

I knew already where to find this in the menu, the point being that it doesn’t work. Even when the “exclude author” option is checked, and even after subsequently updating the citations in MS Word (2007 by the way) the author is not being excluded. 

I know for a fact this was the normal behaviour in Endnote X3: the “exclude…” option only applied to in-text citations (“citations” in Endnote jargon), and did not apply to the bibliography or footnotes. Of course, no one wants this in the bibliography, but people active in some disciplines where it is common practice to provide references in the classic footnote style would want this in the footnotes. 

Above poster implied it would be possible in X4, but I am beginning to think he misunderstood the issue, and that X4 brought no solution…

Please, correct me if I’m wrong - I hope very much I am…


Not sure if this is an issue with Word 2007, because it definately works “as advertised” in Word 2003, as you can see just behind the menu in the attached gif. 


Hello Kermito,

I am afraid that, reviewing this post, I must have misunderstood the issue.

In this case, I must’ve thought that you were referring to being able to use the Edit Citation function to modify a standard citation inserted within a Footnote.

Re-reading the thread, it does appear that you are talking about the “Use Footnote Format” function, in which case it is still not possible to modify the citation in text.

I am terribly sorry for any confusion that this may have caused, and certainly did not mean to lead anyone to believe that the software would do something that it cannot.

I should also add that, depending on the circumstances under which Authors and Years need be removed, it may be possible to achieve with the short form templates that are a new addition to the EndNote X4 software.

We have been working on improving the Footnote functions, and I am hoping for further steps in that direction.

Again, I apologize for any misunderstanding.