Hierarchical bibliography (endnote X4)

I would like to organize references in order to have this output (in Word 2008).

What would the best procedure be?


  1. Sources

1.1 Animals

1.1.1 The System of John Meak

_____, The Different Parts, Publisher, Place, year, pages

_____, Zero Parts, Publisher, Place, year, pages

      Crawford. A., A commentary on John Meak System, Publisher, Place, year, pages

      Seewald. J., John Meak System reviewed, Publisher, Place, year, pages

1.1.2 The System of Thomas Hass

_____, A New Era, Publisher, Place, year, pages

_____, Finding the Path, Publisher, Place, year, pages

      Jask. A., An Opinion on the System of Thomas Hass, Publisher, Place, year, pages

      Sui. J., Thomas Hass Reviewed, Publisher, Place, year, pages

  1. Other works

2.1 Mammals

2.1.1 Adam Herald’s Inventory

_____, A Different Approach, Publisher, Place, year, pages

_____, New Approaches, Publisher, Place, year, pages

      Gilles. A., A commentary on A Different Approach, Publisher, Place, year, pages

2.2 Non Mammals

2.2.1 Seeko Jasper’s Inventory

_____, A Different Approach, Publisher, Place, year, pages

OK. Lets forget the word “best”… Is there a way to do it?


euripede and Thyde:

Very easy to do by using  EndNote X4’s “Sections” feature and MS Word"s ability to insert continuous section breaks on the same page (see attached image). 

  1. In the MS Word document, insert a section break (continuous on same page) preceding the section heading and below.  So using the attached image as a reference:

a. Insert the frst section break

b. Type-in the section title (Section 1.2)

c… Press the Enter key to create some spacing for inserting the citations later.

d. Insert the second section break.

Repeat a-d for each section as needed.

  1. Now modify the EndNote output’s “Section” option and the Citation template.  Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, NAME of the style. 

a.  In the style’s dialog box, in the left column list click “Sections”.  Click to select: Create a bibliography for each section. Also check the boxed option (“Continue numbering…”) if that fits your needs. 

b. Modify the Citation Template by deleting the template. Removal of the template will enable just the bibliography to appear in the MS Word document.

  1. Close the style which will be saved as a “Copy”.  Change your output style selection in EndNote and MS Word to use the style “Copy”.

  2. In the MS Word document, place cursor beneath the section title, then select and insert citations.  Continue inserting citations in the remaining sections to create each section’s corresponding bibliography.

For further information, use the Help feature on the EndNote toolbar and search “Section”.

Yes, Thyde  - refer to posted response above.

Thanks a lot for your detailed answer, Gecko. Unfortunately, it’s not what I’m looking for, but it may well suit the needs of euripide.


@thyde wrote:

 …not what I’m looking for, but it may well suit the needs of euripide.


It seems “hierachical” may mean more than one thing. For euripide, the term meant hierarchy of the section titles but in your case is the focus on the references themselves? So the idea is to list the references in terms of some rank-order within the section titles?

If so, it’s possible but will require another step. First, a custom field would be added to the reference type template (e.g., “Rank”). Then each reference would be categorized and assigned a number which is entered in the Rank field. The library would then be sorted based on the Rank field.  Then the references would be inserted within the section breaks of  the MS Word document, displaying them in rank order and within the section titles.


Thank everybody for contributions.

In point 4 Maven wrote:

“then select and insert citations.”

In my case, titles are so many that creating sections for each one of them would be not efficient. What seems to work is to use subject bibliographies for Title 1.1 and Groups for Title 1. In this case Endnote uses the keyword field as a Title 1.1 and Title 1 names (which are less) can be entered manually.

This works out with only one problem: Small Caps disappear everywhere in the subject bibliography output: what shows with small caps in the preview (omero.jpg) disappears in the subject bibliography output (omero2.jpg). I am also attaching the JS style.

I am grateful for any hints on this issue.


JS.ens (193 KB)

I am not sure why, but in my version of endnote, preparing a subject bibliography where I chose a couple authors and produced the subject list and save as with your style in the dialog, I got small caps. 

EndnoteX4.0.2, WinXP, Word2003.  gif attached. 


Just remembered, make sure your underlying Word Template font is able to support the Small Caps fonts.


Actually I get the result above (i.e. Omero2) already in Endnote preview. Saving as RTF does not change the result.

I tried with an output in Arial and Times New Roman, but the result does not change. I tried (in Layout) clicking ‘Endnote default’ and also in Endnote preferences - display fonts: ‘Endnote default’. The result does not change.

Could there be another Endnote setting worth checking that might affect this output?

Thanks a lot,


Mac OS 10.5.8, MSW 2008 for Mac v. 12.2.8, Endnote X 4.0.2


FYI - tested your style with Windows 7 Pro, X4.0.2, MS Word 2010 and it works fine; the small caps appear in MS Word the same as shown in the EndNote preview window. 

Am curious - are you using a “Plain Font” setting when entering the data into the reference fields?  (Open one of the references and check at the top of the screen above the Author field and below the Reference Type drop down menu.)


Actually there is no plain font option on the Mac version of Endnote to be shown…

Yesterday I also tested on MSWord 2011 for mac and I got the same result.

Actually, small caps do not show in Endnote subject bibliography preview, while they do in the reference preview and in the bibliography normally appended to the document.

This seems to be a Mac issue. Any suggestions?

Thanks for testing,


Sorry to hear that but seems very odd.  Might be time to contact Tech Support (email or phone): http://www.endnote.com/support/entechform.asp