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Can Endnote X4 split a reference list at the end of a document into let’s say 2 or more sections in the way that there would be different sublists of references for let’s say journal articles, books, standards etc. or maybe reference lists of articles in different language? I hope you know what I mean.

There’s a way of having different reference lists for all Word Sections when for example after a larger chapter a reference list can be included at the end of the chapter but it does not seem to solve my problem.

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I think that CrazyGecko’s instructions here would be applicable to your needs?  I think there are other similar descriptions in the forums, but this is the one I hit on first. 

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That’s something I wanted to have. This is a great solution but I think I lose links to reference list. Is there any other way that could update reference list automatically?


In the final version you would need to add your subheadings manually, but otherwise, it would be pretty automatic, if the output style is correctly formatted.  If you make a start, and need advice, attach the version of the style and example of what you want, and attach it to the message here, with specific enhancements you would like, and usually we can help tweak it. 

Hi Leanne,

I appreciate you are helping me with that problem. It is very kind of you.

I attached 3 files, an Endnote style and two JPEGs - screenshots from a Word 2007 document (I could not attach a Word document :frowning: ). I’ve changed the sorting option in the Bibliography section so I could sort a reference list acoording to these criteria: Referece Type then Author, Year etc. The second page in the word 2007 file (Page2.jpg) shows the reference list which has been correctly sorted. It’s almost perfect but heading names (reference type names) are missing. On the other hand, the first page in the word file (Page1.jpg) contains properly sorted and named each subsection of the reference list but what I am missing is there is only a pure text (it’s been created by the Subject Bibliography tool).

I’d like to, in some way, combine those two mathods and have both subsections named and a reference list to be available to link to. Perhaps it is not possible but I’d like to make sure by asking someone who’s more experienced.

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Harvard ZK Copy.ens (40.6 KB)

Pretty sure you have achieved the maximum automatically.  If linked, you mean hyperlinked (as opposed to plain text) you need to use the style mechanism and manually insert the headings at the end.  - turn off cwyw so it doesn’t reformat them and remove them before you produce the PDF.  Not sure if removing field codes messes up the hyperlinking, but if not, I would unlink fields (perhaps using the endnote toolbar option rather than word’s or vice versa). 

ADDED IN EDIT.  the last idea doesn’t work. Removing field codes via Endnote toolbar or the Word remove fields shortcut also removes the hyperlinks. 

Well, let’s hope it will be implemented in one of the next versions then.

Thanks for your time.

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