Highlighted text in PDF, re-saved; Can't open back the file

Hello guys,

I am trying to save the earth by reading my papers on the computer and highlighted them at the same time.

Then when I clicked save, Endnote says its a read file, please rename another name and I did.

Then, I can’t open back the file.

Is there any tricks to this matter? Hope you guys don’t mind sharing.

Many thanks in advance.

Cheers !

I am having a very similar problem. 

I want to sync my PDF ammendments and highlights to EndNote web. My current work around is to edit your PDF, then save it somewhere. Delete the PDF attached to your reference then reupload the PDF you edited to the reference.

Its a pain in the ass to do so if you work out another way please tell me…

I have a feeling the makers of EndNote didn’t take this into consideration.

I am  having the same problem. However, it occurs only to PDF files that I have attached in the last month or so. Files attached less recently can be highlighted, then saved as normal. I think the loss of highlighting occurred around the time of an update.