Output style change

Hi there

I have changed my output style from one journal to another in endnote.

F.eks when referring to more than 3 authors it should say ‘and others’ instead of et. al…

For some reason (?) word is not updating this.

I am using mac with endnote x4.0.2 and word 2011.

Any suggestions on how to move forward?


Have you checked the “Author Lists” setting* in the EndNote output style to confirm it is set to display “and others” for 3 or or more authors?

If the output style’s setting is correct did you try unformatting then reformatting the citations/bibliography?


*Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT name of the style you’re using. In the output style’s window locate “Citations” then click on “Author Lists”.  In the right section of the window locate the “Abbreviated Authors” section and check if the abbreviation is set to “and others”.  If not, change the setting and close the window which will save the changes as a new file so adjust both EndNote and MS Word to use the new output style file.

Found help here:


Am having problem with my in-text reference and bibliography.

My in-text  reference does not change to Havard or Author-date format even though the bibliography does

Only the numbered format changes with bibliography

Am using mac 10.6.8 and endnote and endnote X5

Will be grateful if anybody can help.

Can you describe how you change the output style?  Is it in the word program itself?  (which it needs to be)  - and did you try select all and then unformating and reformating (from the word endnote ribbon (convert citations to unformated) or toolbar (unformat bibliography). 

Excellent thank you very much for that, lifesaver