How can I customise my notes that are included in my bibiography


I have a question about the notes {NOTE:} you can add with the cite while you write tool.

As I understand it, when I use a numerical citation style, I can add notes that will be included in my bibliography. I can also create these notes manually by using the command {NOTE: This is my note that will be in my bibliography}.

I would like to customise the style of my note that appears in my bibliography. For example, I would like to highlight or bold my text or add a hypertext link to another reference. If I make these adjustments, for example: {NOTE: this is my note that will be in my bibliography}, all my customisations will be lost and my note will be formatted like the rest of my bibliography.
The question is not about how I can customise a citation style but only these notes.

Until now, my only option was to wait until the very end of my writing process and then convert my bibliography and citations to plain text.

Do you have any ideas or advice on how to achieve this?

Only by actually creating a record and ref type to hold your note, rather than using the feature you found. it is a limitation of Word and the use of fields, and not Endnote itself. If you put the note in a field like title and apply your formating to the note in the record, in the way you want it to appear in listing, and then insert the record as a citation in the appropriate place, you should be good? If it is a one off, you can continue to just wait until submission.

Thanks for your reply,

In the meantime, I’ve also been advised to create a reference for each note with the document type “personal communication” and to customise the citation style for this type of document.

This seems to fit in with your advice!

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