Unable to open pdf file

I am using RefMgr 11 on a network and we use the Link to PDF field for most of our records. One of my users cannot open a pdf file link, the error window that appear is “Error-Jumping to URL” and I have exhausted all ideas to the source of the problem. We all use Adobe Acrobat.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I had a similar problem on a non-network version of RM11. When I removed the “file://” that RefMan inserts in front of the path it seems to work okay.

I don’t know if this would work for you or what it would do to all of the other users where it works okay.

I had the very same issue as LadyIT and discovered Jerry’s solution on my own about deleting the prefix that reference manager adds in front of my C:/pdf files…

HOWEVER, now that I just updated to Reference Manager version 12, the software automatically adds a .pdf icon and I can no longer edit out the prefix every time I add an academic citation. 

It was a pain having to delete the prefix every time…but now I cannot even do that!  All the pdfs that I had added pre-upgrade still work…but nothing happens when I click on any new attachments, regardless of whether they are relative or absolute links.


Ok, after talking to RM Technical Support, they were oblivious to the problem.  However, the support tech stayed on the line long enough to figure it out.  Long story short, it was a conflict with Adobe software, specifically Macromedia (bought by Adobe) Contribute 3.11 & Flash Paper.  These programs were installed as part of a suite when I obtained Macromedia DreamWeaver (website design software).  Once I uninstalled these programs (that I’ve never used anyway), everything works!!!   Wohoooo…this was important because I’ve been using this software since I obtained a Freeware DOS version in the late 1980’s at the University of Guelph.  Back in business!  How we discovered the problem was a last resort…we created a new admin user account in Windows XP.