How can I import an uptodate article into endnote?

How can I import an uptodate article into endnote? Not the citations / references at the end of an uptodate article–the uptodate article itself as a citation.

Are you asking how to retrieve something from some on-line database, into endnote?  Have you explored the training resources yet, the Getting started manuals, on-line help, etc?

Go to EndNote Training & Support - Web of Science Group for resources to get started!  

 It does depend on your field.  You can download an endnote entry from Google Scholar, from many publishers websites, from many libraries using the connect files supplied with Endnote.  Start with that little “globe” next to the “books” on the Endnote toolbar!  

You can also look at endnote’ youtube training channel or search youtube for endnote like “import records into endnote from ----”  or the web google similar topics.  There are tons of universities and other resources for self help.  

Some initial help in the program (under Help) is shown in the attachment.  


No import citation function in UpToDate as far as i know. You probably have to add this one manually into EndNote as Online Database, Web Page or similar. UpToDate recommend that you cite content in this way:

How do I cite an UpToDate® topic?

Here is an example of how to cite an UpToDate topic: 

Marion DW. Diaphragmatic pacing. In: UpToDate, Post TW (Ed), UpToDate, Waltham, MA. (Accessed on November 25, 2013.)

It may be of interest also to add the Last Updated date for this kind of resources.

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