How can I use end not other than a mere bibliography tool? Can I store lines from the books, articles along with page number?

Hi everybody,

I don’t know how to use endnote effectively. Tried to go through the manual but of no use. Actually, I want to use endnote more than a bibliographic tool. I want to store whatever i read on it, lines, extracts, quotes with page number.

  1. The only place I found was the fields: Notes and Research Notes.
  2. If I strore any text from books for future reference, will that material be avail to me in cite while write mode.
  3. what I have observed that if I have to add material from the same book by the same author, I will have to maintain numerous copies of the same in order to keep the material under different topics.

I know that there is still some confusion in my question. The reason being, I am not familiar with endnote. Please help.

I don’t think that Endnote is the kind of software you are needing for your purposes.  You might want to consider something like or similar?  Otherwise, you could read this threadwith a suggested method to use Endnote for this:

Dear Leane,

Thanks for suggestions. Yet cite text couldn’t work. First, I had tremendous difficulty in downloading it. My computer slowed down or stopped downloading saying ‘the programme is dangerous’. I somehow installed it but I doesn’t save anything and remains unresponsive after I have entered the data. “do you want to save changes?” when I click yes it goes without doing anything. On clicking ‘no’ the programme closes without saving. Please suggest any other software that is more reliable.


Shahzad Ahmad

I can’t, as this isn’t a facility I require.  I just know that endnote is not the solution.

Thanks, anyway. I will try to do something with zotero,