Where do I put the actual quoted text?

I watched the tutorials  but didn’t see how to enter the actual quoted text.  For example, I have a book with 15 specific bits of quoted text I may want to use as a reference in my dissertation.  Where do I put the actual quoted text?  Must I create an entry for each one or may I enter all of them, along with the specific page numbers, in a single record?

Please help me.

Also, when will X3 for Mac be released? 

Endnote isn’t often used to insert the quoted text, but is used to add the references.  I am sure you could devise a style to do what you want, but you would need to create a different record for each quote.  This could be easily done, if you made one without a quote and pages and copy it and paste it into the library times the number of quotes your were going to use from that source, and then insert the specifics in each record. 

You haven’t told us what bibliographic style you are using, but the following procedure works well with most styles:

Create a single EndNote reference for the book.

Use the Notes or Research Notes or Abstract fields to store the quotations. You can store many pages of text in these fields. When you store a quotation, also note the relevant page numbers.

When you want to use a quotation in your Word document, open the EndNote reference and copy and paste the text into your document.

Then use EndNote in the normal way to insert the citation for the book into your document.

Finally, use the Edit Citations function to add the specific page number to the citation in your document.

Thanks, John.  That makes sense.  I use APA 6th. edition.