Basic new user question: where can I store the text of an article and my notes?

I must be mad because I haven’t been able to figure this out.
I know Endnote indexes references but I’m not clear how it does (or whether it can) store the actual reference itself. I understand there is a facility to attach PDF files to a given reference so presumably this is where you would store the text of the article; correct?
But, what if I’m reading a book and there is a paragraph that I want to save as a source reference? Into which field should I type this? Or, do I have to type it into a text editor, store it as a file and attach it to the reference? Same question about notes I might want to write about the reference.
Thanks for any insight you are able to offer.

You can copy and paste it into the Notes or the Research Notes field?  Or you could usurpe a Custom field (but caution, some custom fields are already used in some of the templates).  

I believe Endnote only indexes text based PDFs and not Word attachments, but you can search globally all fields, or specify to only search individual fields, in addition to searching the PDF texts.  

Thanks Leanne,

I wasn’t sure about the “Notes” field. Actually, I’m not sure about several of the fields. Unless, I’ve missed something, I think it would be very useful to have a mouse pop-up/roll overs for fields so that you could know what the field was intended for and how to format the data you were entering. For example, there is a field “date”. Is this the date the article was published, the date you are entering it? In the book reference there is a field “edition”. For a 2nd edition, do you enter “2”, “2nd”, “2nd ed” etc? I’m sure you find this by seeing the final fomatted reference but it would be used for new or potential users like me.