How do I create a reference style to cite a TEDTalk in Endnote X7.5 for mac?


I am using Endnote X7.5 for mac and I am trying to cite a TEDTalk from the TEDTalk website.

How do I create a reference style in Endnote to match the following style that I obtained from the TEDTalk website regarding citations.

To cite a TEDTalk use APA Style for video Weblog posts:

Author. (Year, Month Date). Title [Video file]. Retrieved from URL

For example:

Sandberg, S. (2010, December 21). Sheryl Sandberd: Why we have too few women leaders

[Video file]. Retrieved from

link to actual video

Thanks so much for your help!

PS - I am using Word 2016 if it makes any difference

Refer to the handy “EndNote X7 for Windows or Mac” guidefor detailed instructions and visuals but overall you’ll need to: 1) create a reference type template (named “Web Video” for the following instructions but could be given an alternate name) using one of the “Unused” reference types; and 2) create a bibliography template (APA 6th) in EndNote to generate the bibliography entry. (Refer to top-side of image #1 for the results and  have attached the modified Endnote APA 6th output style file for your reference).


  1. Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit >Preferences, then in the Endnote Preferences dialog box, click “Reference Types”. Click the pulldown menu and select a template labeled “Unused1”. Now click the “Modify Reference Type” button to go to the blank template.
  2. Modify the template as shown in image #1. Then click OK to exit the template and click OK again to exit the dialog box. (Refer also to the training video “Custom Fields and Reference Types.”)


  1. Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit > Output Styles >Edit APA 6th.
  2. In the APA 6th dialog box, click to select “Templates”. In the right column click the “Reference Types” menu and select “Web Video” which generates a blank template. Create the template as shown in image #2. (Refer also to the training video “Building a Simple Endnote Style”.)

    APA 6th_mattvermes.ens (68.1 KB)

Ask further questions once you decide on a way to go, once you have plowed thru the suggestions below.

What matters first is where you are going to publish – is it an APA journal? Other publishers might use a slightly different format,  but once you get an idea of what that is.

I don’t see a video weblog reference type though in Endnote.  

So first you probably would have to create or edit an existing one, in Endnote preferences, “reference type” 

the output you describe is similar to that of the Podcast template, so one idea, if you never cite a podcast, you could alter that reference type for your purpose. Other options to alter-but require more work, are Audio Visual, Online Multimedia, blog or  Film or Broadcast reference types.  Finally there are the “unused” fref types that you can create and customize without running the risk of needing one of the above, after you had co-opted it. In that case, I would use similar to those in the podcast ref type.  In fact start by adding the info to the podcast, see how it appears in your bibliography, and then one can modify the output style to get the precise output you need.  

If you alter one of the above, then you will need to edit the corresponding template in the output style you are planning on using to format the manuscript.  It will either not include all your elements, or won’t exist at all.  Not all templates are filled in for all output styles.  APA is relatively complete, but lots only include the major categorizations of reference types (book, journal, book chapter).  

If you have to build it from scratch – use the fields listed in the output, 



Date (which I would include both Month and Date in)


Kind of medium


and you will need to build the template or alter the existing template for a modified “podcast” bibliography template.  

Thanks so much!

This is great.