EndNote X4, APA 6th Ed, and a Radio Reference

Forgive me if this is posted somewhere but I have looked unsuccessfully for awhile to find similar links.

I am using a PC and EndNote X4. I am trying to put the transcript of a radio broadcast into APA 6th edition and insert it into a Word 2010 document. I can find no reference style in EndNote that even vaguely resembles the format for APA for a radio or television broadcast. I even tried using one of the user defined reference styles but cannot figure out how to modify it to look as APA would have it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, APA has more style variations than EndNote can currently accommodate.  So we APA users will need to either modify/create reference types and output styles to fulfill our research needs. 

While EndNote does not have a specific reference type for your radio broadcast transcript, you could modify the existing “Film or Broadcast” one to accommodate a radio broadcast.  (I think pages 209-210 of the APA 6th manual regarding audiovisual medium may give you an idea as to the fields needed to create both the EndNote reference template and corresponding output style.) If you anticipate maintaining numerous broadcast transcripts, it might be worthwhile to build a reference type template accommodates the genre by using one of the blank “Unused” templates. 

Building or modifying a reference type template also requires that the corresponding output style is adjusted as well, otherwise the in-text citation or bibliography may not conform to the APA style.

I appreciate that feedback. Since I have never done anything vaguely resembling that can you make any suggestions about how to proceed.

Could you provide an example of how you want the radio transcript to appear in the bibliography? I’ll be better able to give info tailored to your reference.