How do I email a library (along with its data folder)?

Hello  I need to find a way to electronically send a library and its data folder (e.g. email). I’ve tried endnote web but it does not parallel the information from my desktop library. I have customized and renamed pre-existing fields. Could anybody help?

There are two things you will need to provide, if you have changed field names in Endnote.  Those changes are computer specific and not library specific.  You need to export the reftype table from preferences and reimport it into endnote on the other computer. 

to transfer the library and datafile are best compressed into one file from the File menu in endnote.  this can be done with or without the attached PDFs. 

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For transferring a library, please see the steps in this article. You can select to include or not include attachments:

You can also send any customized Reference Type information by following the steps found in this article:

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