Transfer a library?

Is it possible to have one person create an Endnote Library of publications then transfer that library to another person?  I have a senior scientist who has never used Endnote and wants his publications entered into it but doesn’t have time to enter them himself.  Some of his publications don’t show up in Web of Science.  

I don’t necessarily want to share the library - just transfer it over to another person once it is created. 

Easier with desktop version, but tricky with respect to both having access, as the developers don’t recommend keeping the library on a networked drive. 

Mind you - we have kept our library on a network (not cloud) drive for the last 17 years without any incident.

Will you continue to add things to it, and maintain, or just get him started?  

If you just want to transfer the library to the other party when you are done working with it, you can use the steps under “Compress Library for EndNote X and later users” from this article:

Thanks, I just want to get him started.