How to format font in in-text citations?

I have looked everywere in the preferences and output styles, but I can not figure out how to format my in-text citations with bold font and blue text with CWYW. The paragraph style is not bold and has black text. Is this even possible with Endnote? Of course I can go through one by one at the end but would prefer to skip the manul step. Any help appreciated!


EndNote X7.7.1

Word 2016 (Office 365)

Mac OS

Editing your output style’s citation can give you the bold option, but colors are not an option.  

If you select all the citation text in the template and use the apple+B (I think that is the keyboard combination on a Mac) - or find the font tools for the templates (I seem to remember they are not as obvious as in the Windows version of Endnote), you can bold the citation.  I applied the bold font to the citation template in the attached output style so you could see how it looks.  

(added in edit, – if the font attributes you select are unique in the document – maybe Bold and underlined, you can run a replace formating and change it to Bold and Blue just before submission after removing the field codes IN A COPY).  
Cell bold citations.ens (12.9 KB)


Thank you so much- using Ctrl+B (Cmd+B for Macs) on the template text was the solution.  I had no idea one could apply formatting key strokes to the template. I am sure this would also work for underline (Ctrl+U) and italics (Ctrl+I). Guess it would be obvious to some :wink:

I was not able to locate ‘font tools’ for the template. May very well not be avialble to the Mac version.

Thanks again-

On a Mac, I think you have to use Edit -> Font -> to get to the attributes (but quicker if you know the shortcut for the attribute).

Thank you very much!