How do I stop this incorrect citation punctuation eg (Jones, 1999; , 2000; , 2001)

I use Endnote X. I cannot find the answer to this in FAQ nor in the last 5 pages of forum posts.

This problem of adding unwanted commas as shown above only appears with single author/multiple years and not with multiple authors in one citation eg (JOnes, 2000; Smith 2001) which works perfectly.

I cannot see any problem in Output style manage which looks  as follows but maybe i am doing something wrong :

Consecutive Citations by the Same Author

  • Omit repeated authors - box is checked
  • Separate citations - unchecked and left blank ( just because i was having the same problem when it was checked and included a semicolon.
  • Dont omit authors etc - box unchecked.

Many thanks for your help


I have the same problem. Can anybody help?



This was a known problem in EndNote 9. It was fixed by the release of the 9.0.1 patch.

I haven’t come across it in later versions of EndNote.

Can you tell us which style you are using?  Has it been modified? In particular, what are the settings for the citation template. 

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