How do I suppress a period being inserted after a question mark?

I have the following two short forms of two footnotes for journal articles:

(1) Trudinger, “An Autobiographical Digression?.”

(2) Khiok-Khng, “A Confucian Reading of Romans 7:14–25.”

The final period is being added by the style (it is a modification of CMS). Is there a way to get Endnote to automaticaly suppress the final period that appears after the question mark in (1)?

Thank you!

Can you attach the modified output style?  It would make it easier to explore.

Yes, but how do I do that?

in a reply, below the window, there is “Attachments”  choose file.  if this is an output style you have adjusted, it will be in your my documents/endnote/styles folder and browse there to select the file name and it will be attached when you post.  

(added in edit, not sure where it lives if you are a Mac user – search for the file?)

Here it is.

SBLHS2.ens (70.5 KB)

Does this one work okay?  

SBLHS2 Copy.ens (70.3 KB)

Oh except I changed the field name to “short title” as it was a custom field name – sorry about that.  


is there a space after the ? in the title in the record?  Are you on a PC or a Mac?  

It worked for me in a test, on a PC 

Do you ever use “Cited Pages” field in edit citation?