How do you enter loc. cit. in place of previous page citation on same page

I am new to endnote and I am going crazy trying to bend this program to my will. 

It just looks crude with several citations from the same page with the repeated page number. But is it not obvious how to change this in endnote. Does anyone have a clue?

The help will be very much apprecaited.

Thank you.


What output style are you using? Could you also provide an example of what the citation looks like currently and how you want it to appear?


I figured it out. Came out like this:  ([Thompson et al., loc. cit](file:///C:/Users/Komla%20Prosper%20Ametu/Documents/KNOWLEDGE%20BASE/Capella/PHB7075%20-%20Organizational%20Systems%20and%20Leadership/u02d1%20-%20Functional%20and%20Interpretive%20Applications%20of%20Systems%20Theory.docx#_ENREF_5 “Thompson, 1958 #4234”)).

Thanks for you timely response.


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did one of you ever have double everything in your text after getting a new version? Any idea how to fix/prevent it from happening?