"Create a bibliography for each section" should NOT depend on section breaks


When building a large document composed of various chapters, such as a thesis, one wants to add the bibliography at the end of each chapter. 

EndNote nicely allows for this by creating a new style:

Edit > Output styles > Edit [style name].

File > Save as [and name it]). 

On the Style editing window, go to Sections > select “Create a bibliography for each section”. 

Then you need to set up the the Word document to allow for multiple reference lists: 

Place the cursor at the end of the 1st Chapter where you want the bibliography to appear. 

Go to the Paye layout tab, click on the drop down menu in Breaks, and choose Continuous (so the list starts on teh same page, for example). Thsi will add the list just before the Section break. 

The problem arises when the Thesis has a Section break in between the start and end of each Chapter. Then, the bibliography gets added in portions!. each time there is a Section break. So, for example, if Chapter 1 goes from page 1 to 6, and there is a Section break in page 4 (because there is a table that needs to be in a lanscape orientation), then the bibliography will be added before the Section break in page 4, AND also before the section break at the end of the Chapter 1. 

There is no way to change the page orientation without adding a Section break. So, those chapters with Section breaks in between, cannot use the new style created in EndNote! So, it is pointless to have this feature in EndNote. 

This is very sad. Documents such as thesis and books will always need to have Section breaks to accomodate for tables or images, or to change page numbering, for example.

EndNote should allow to add teh bibliography at the end of each chapter in a way that is NOT dependant on Section breaks in Word.

The only solution for now is to have each Chapter separatedly (i.e. not in a single file), have the Bibliography in a different style (one without the option “Create bibliography for each section”, then convert the bibliography to Plain Text, and then, merge the chpaters into a single file. This will not allow for a full document in which one can click on the reference in the text to take you to the bibliography list. This will also force me to have the thesis reviewed in pieces, not a whole. Again, quite sad. 

Thesis.ens (18.6 KB)

I’ll second this one. It’s a huge pain. Perhaps there is another field code that word uses, something other than section break that ADDIN EN.SECTION.REFLIST code will recognise.

Even if it means that the word user has to add a switch or place a WORD marker or bookmark that flags CWYW to insert the bibliography. 

I’d like to support the feedback comments made by the other users on this post.


Being a long time Endnote user, I am also extremely disappointed to note that there STILL appears to be no sensible method to build a bibliography at the END OF EACH chapter of a document, when that same chapter contains multiple section breaks (e.g. for purposes of landscape pages).  I am using Endnote X8.

I am aware of the workarounds re: converting ref list to plain text and copying down as described above and on multiple web forums, but… really!!!  what a mess!  

Please help with this one…it is much needed.

The joke is the native built-in Word endnote system can ‘Suppress Endnotes at End of Section’ to avoid this problem entirely.

So the native built-in Word endnote system is superior to fancy EndNote software.

Here is how to do it in native-built in Word: 


If above link doesn’t work, try:


The funny thing is… the native built-in endnote system in Word can actually solve this very easily.

The native built-in reference system can “Suppress Endnotes at End of Section” so to avoid endnotes at wrong places.

God, I wish I can convert back from EndNote to native-built in system.

Here is how to do it: