Multiple MS Word documents with one bibliography

Hello. I’ve searched around for the answer to my problem, and have not found a solution. My problem sounds initially like one I’ve seen several times before – multiple Word docs with one bibliography – but I can’t figure out how to adopt it to what I need. Here’s my situation:

I have 40 chapters, each in separate word documents. There are refences in each chapter, but the bibliography should be in its own document. Thus, individual chapters should not have bibliographies. However, each chapter should have nice-looking references in the text. Thus, each chapter should have (Smith et al., 1994) instead of {Smith 1994 #23}. Whenever I format the references, a bibliography is automatically generated. I tried using Microsoft’s “master document” option, which is pretty neat, but it doesn’t get around this issue. I can’t figure out how to get the endnote references to be formatted within each individual document while having only one bibliography in a separate document. I should also mention that the publisher wants separate files for each chapter, not one big .docx with all chapters. 

I’m using windows 7 with Endnote 9. 

I hope someone can help me with this issue, and let me know if anything wasn’t clear enough from the description. 



The short answer would be to generate using a format style that doesn’t generate any bibliography.  I thought there was a box for this in the edit output style, (was back in X5?) but I can’t find it in X6.  – So the other way is a bit more tedious and requires making a  version of the output style without any templates in the bibliography. 

To create the bibliography at the end of the day in a separate document, you would format your master document, and this will create — ooops just notice you are using Endnote 9?  Does that even work with Win7? 

Soooo — in current versions of Endnote, a group with all the citations used in a document is created.  Don’t think that existed in EN9.  This group could then be exported with the orginal style to a stand-alone document at the end of your process. 

With Endnote 9, I guess you will need to make a copy, and create a bibliography in the final master document and then copy and paste it into a new word document?  to get rid of all the “field” info, you can strip it first IN THE COPY (remove field codes endnote tool) and then copy it. 

Or upgrade to ENX6  – or when you are getting close to completion, you could download a trial version of Endnote and generate the bibliography as above. 

Hi, thanks for the response. First: Yes, endnote works 9 works quite well with win7. I’ve never had any problems, although I also don’t do anything fancy with endnote, just the basic reference insert/formatting. 

I found a solution to this problem, which is similar to what you suggested. What I did was edit the output style (after saving it under a different name) to have completely blank bibliography. So, now it produces a “bibliography” at the end of each chapter, but that bibliography is just all blanks, so you don’t even see it in the word doc. For the separate document with all of the references, I can just “copy formatted” and paste into a new document. Works great! 

just don’t upgrade your Word program to 2010 then.