How to add first author only into bibliography, and then all authors (including first one)

I’d like to have bibliography template (e.g. for Article) with the following format (it is Russian GOST 7.1):

F** irstAuthor_Surname**, FirstAuthor_name_initials. Article Title / All authors (including first one) Author_name_initials Author_Surname // Other stuff

How can I handle the FirstAuthor and All authors part?  
Citation example attached:

to my knowledge, you will have to create a custom field in your records to hold the first author as you want it to appear.  Then you would add that field to your template and bold it.  Endnote doesn’t have a “first author” as a “field” option and Endnote would treat all authors, if it did, the same with respect to order of surname and initials.  

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Ok ((

Thank you. I just didn’t want to create a new field, because what I nedd is alrady in in the list, but it seems I have to…